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RCM Opera Studio

RCM singers in a production of Laura Poe's Fermi Paradox

The Royal College of Music Opera Studio is one of the leading advanced training courses in the world. It offers operatic training at the highest level for performers from around the globe. Many of the world’s leading singers have passed through our doors.

As part of an elite and carefully constituted group of exceptionally talented young singers, each student will benefit from rigorous training, sensitive to their individual needs and responsive to the demands of the profession. Our students regularly work with a team of coaches, musicians and theatre professionals drawn from the senior ranks of the country’s leading opera companies, and perform in acclaimed productions in the first-class Britten Theatre.

The RCM’s approach to operatic training focuses on replicating professional conditions, to ensure a seamless transition into the working world. There are a number of RCMOS opera productions each year and sets of fully staged opera scenes in the Britten Theatre. You will have the benefit of rehearsing and performing with highly experienced, influential industry professionals, who occupy key posts at the great opera houses of Europe and beyond.

In addition to receiving regular core training you will gain unique artistic and professional insights through mentorship by internationally renowned artists including Sir Thomas Allen, Angela Gheorghiu and Edith Wiens.

Career development and support is an integral part of your studies, and we have recently held a series of virtual mentorship sessions with the eminent baritone Gerald Finley, Sophie Joyce of l’Opéra national de Paris, Richard Hetherington of the Royal Opera House, Michelle Williams of English National Opera, as well as with leading classical music agents.

The Creative Careers Centre will also assist you in taking full responsibility for the development of your professional career.

The RCM Opera Studio presents three fully staged operatic productions a year, along with opera scenes and special projects.

Recent productions

Hansel and Gretel (Spring 2022)

Michael Rosewell conductor
Stephen Barlow director
Yannis Thavoris designer
Rory Beaton lighting designer

Brother and sister relationships in opera veer to the dysfunctional – most often murderous, sometimes even incestuous.

So, hurrah to Grimm’s Hansel and Gretel, a dynamic double act of sibling support who go into the woods hand in hand to find their dreams and face their demons. Though poor in means, they are rich in resourcefulness, and demonstrate that by working together in a union they are stronger than standing alone.

This new production of Humperdinck’s humdinger of an opera is set in a divided world where wishes are walled in, and witches wait for you in the west. But ultimately this story ends happily with a family reunification.

The Magic Flute (November 2021)

Polly Graham director
Michael Rosewell conductor
Louise Bakker associate director
Rosie Elnile designer
Hazel Low co-designer
Tim Mitchell lighting designer

Set between the worlds of a secondary school and a subconscious dreamscape, this production looks at a group of teenagers who are navigating friendship, loneliness, competition, desire and love. 

Driven by the incantatory and inspirational force of the Queen of the Night, Pamina fights hard to understand a girl's right to equality and respect within Sarastro's school, where inherited gender norms and latent, insidious misogyny are writ large. There are no bird people or princes in this production, only one egg.

This production is made possible with the assistance of the Basil Coleman bequest, and the support of Old Possum’s Practical Trust, the Rudge Shipley Charitable Trust and The Hon Richard Lyttelton & Romilly Lyttelton.

Rodelinda (Filmed in July 2021)

Jo Davies director
Michael Rosewell conductor
Thomas Henderson assistant director
Joanna Parker designer
Colin Grenfell lighting designer

The throne has been usurped. The exiled king, Bertarido, is now believed dead. As Rodelinda mourns her husband, Grimoaldo the usurper moves to make her his queen - yet all is not as it seems...

Everyone has a plan, but only one can rule.

Past productions

Trouble in Tahiti & A Dinner Engagement (Summer 2019)

Michael Rosewell conductor
Stephen Unwin director
Nicky Shaw designer
Ralph Stockeld lighting designer

Robinson Crusoe (Spring 2019)

Michael Rosewell conductor
Bill Bankes-Jones director
Sarah Jones designer

Le nozze di Figaro (August 2018)

Sir Thomas Allen director
Michael Rosewell conductor
Lottie Higlett designer
Rory Beaton lighting designer

The Lighthouse & In the Locked Room (Summer 2018)

Stephen Unwin director
Michael Rosewell conductor
Hannah Wolfe designer

A Midsummer Night's Dream (Spring 2018)

Liam Steel director
Michael Rosewell conductor
Michael Pavelka designer
Andy Purves lighting designer

The Cunning Little Vixen (Autumn 2017)

Daniel Slater director
Michael Rosewell conductor
Alex Berry designer
Hannah Wolfe costume designer

Une éducation manquée & Les mamelles de Tirésias (Summer 2017)

Stephen Unwin director
Michael Rosewell conductor
Neil Warmington designer
Ben Ormerod lighting designer